Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Uganda
Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Uganda

Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

 Important information

  1. The routine issuance of Emergency Travel Document (ETD) is suspended, especially in cases associated with immigration deportations;

  2. ETD will be valid only for traveling to South Sudan from Uganda. (Also those Travelling from Uganda to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi Use it.

  3. ETD may still be issued to South Sudanese citizens in exceptional circumstances that may include;
  • Citizens holding South Sudan passport, visiting or residing in Uganda, who for one reason or another may not use their South Sudan passport to return home, i.e. in cases of expired, damaged, lost or stolen passports,

  1. The Embassy will decline applications for ETD, if the applicant failed to provide adequate, required details of their perceived emergency, or if the Embassy suspects that the applicant is attempting to evade pending legal issues with law enforcement agencies in Uganda

      Requirements for issuance of Emergency Travel Document

  1. Application form must be completed and signed by the applicant,

  2. The applicant must provide identification papers that includes; copy of passport, copy of nationality certificate, copy of birth/assessment of age certificate, or any legal documents that proves applicant’s claim to be a South Sudanese, together with any requested supporting documents,

  3. The applicant must provide four (4) passport size photos,

  4. The applicant must provide a copy of Police report in cases of lost or stolen passports,

  5. Processing fee for issuance of ETD is 55,000 UShs in form of money order. Payable to ‘EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN’,
Emergency Travel Document (ETD)